Monday, February 10, 2014

Wall Of Spears week one

Four stores down and plenty more to go!
This week I'm at Kinokuniya in the heart of Sydney, then Collins Tweed Heads and Love That Book Helensvale up on the Gold Coast on Friday (and, after all, what can be more romantic than a book? It says I love you and I think you're smart!) then Dymocks Chatswood on Saturday and Dymocks Parramatta on Sunday.
First week went really well, with stacks of books selling at all the stores - including selling out of Bridge Of Swords at Erina!
Bridge Of Swords also finished the week the No.1 Bestseller at Galaxy Books in the city, which was also great.
Highlights included my warrior friend Uthred coming along to Erina to pose for pictures in full battledress (hopefully he'll be making some more appearances as well!) plus meeting wonderful people across Sydney and the Central Coast.
At Rouse Hill I had people coming up to me who remembered when I made my first appearance at the now defunct Borders store there!
At Galaxy I had a hugely moving chat with a young man who saw many parallels between Sendatsu's fights with his father and his own.
And at Erina I was stunned by the way parents from my son's cricket team embraced the series and came down to buy the books.
Yes, I had quite a few knockbacks over the four days, including one lady who gave me a two-minute tirade about how much she hated fantasy.
Yes, CityRail did melt down again on the Thursday and my wife had to come and pick me up from where I was stranded on the Hawkesbury River. But hey, that happens all the time anyway!
But I was just blown away by the amazing people I met.
It's why I do this.
Thank you, all of you.
And I can't wait to meet more!

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