Monday, February 10, 2014

Wall Of Spears tour turns my books into bestsellers!

A massive tour like the one I have just started can have many benefits for authors.
Meeting readers and winning over new ones is an obvious benefit.
Naturally you get to meet the staff at bookstores and get to know them, which means a few hours inside a store can turn that store into a super-seller for your books.
This is quite apart from the weeks of extra exposure your books receive thanks to an author appearance.
One of the real highlights is also to see your books appear on that store's bestseller lists.
And the tour may only be a week old but that's already happening.
Last Thursday I was at Galaxy Books in the middle of Sydney.
This week, FOUR of my books are in the Galaxy Top 10 Bestseller list, with Bridge Of Swords sitting at number one.
That's a fantastic feeling and just one of the wonderful side effects from the touring!
Here's the list:

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