Monday, February 3, 2014

One down, 49 to go ...

So I kicked off the 50 Stores in %0 Days tour at one of my local stores, Dymocks Tuggerah, last Sunday.
It is a source of never-ending fascination to me how a store's position in the shopping centre changes the type of people you speak to as they go by.
Or perhaps the people around Tuggerah are particularly friendly!
It was great to see people coming in specially to pick up their Wall Of Spears, which is always special for an author. But, equally, I love to meet new people and have them get all excited about the books.
Even if they are not willing/able to buy then and there, it's a huge thrill for me to talk about the books. Several said they were coming back to see me at Dymocks Erina - one at Dymocks Penrith!
I chatted to a lovely lady called Karen and her family, who went away then came back and bought the new series as a present for her brother-in-law who loved the Dragon Sword Histories series, then she bought The Wounded Guardian for herself. Fantastic!
A special cheer to Ashleigh Meikle, who I first met at Dymocks Erina, and to the marvellous Mortiss family, who bought my first trilogy at Borders Tuggerah and came back to buy the second at the Dymocks!
I should note, however, that it seems that young blokes wearing muscle shirts and singlets to show off their with full-arm tatts don't seem to be too keen on reading. Maybe all those protein shakes blurs the vision. Or something like that ...
Despite that observation, it was a great day and a great start to the tour!


  1. Thanks for the book and chat Duncan. Hoping to organise to get my other books signed next week. Otherwise I might try get to the Hornsby one

  2. Thanks Ashleigh! Lovely to see you too! Hornsby would also be fine and I'll be there both during the day and in the evening,making it easier for me to sign the rest of the books!

  3. I managed to organise and clarify with Erina today. So just to let you know he books will be there with Lianna on Saturday.