Monday, June 3, 2013

Wall Of Spears is finished (again!)

Wall Of Spears is finished!

Well, OK, I still have some little corrections from my beta readers to go through. Then no doubt HarperCollins will have some suggestions and, of course, the copy editing process will see a few changes as well.

But I am happy with the way the Empire Of Bones series finishes and, barring last-minute flashes of inspiration, it is effectively ready to go now.

Sadly it won’t be arriving in the shops until February 2014 – but I do think it will be worth the wait.

The series comes to a bloody, earth-shaking conclusion in Wall Of Spears.

Already one of my beta readers said it is ``the best one’’ yet.

(Always good to be getting better as you go along.)

In fact, she burned something in the oven because she was so engrossed in the story. Luckily it was only quiche, not something actually worth eating.

Unlike the ending of The Dragon Sword Histories, all questions are answered in Empire Of Bones, both the big ones and the small ones.

Will Asami choose Sendatsu or Gaibun? Cam Huw and Rhiannon find happiness? Will magic return to the lands? Will the truth be revealed? Will the elves admit they are actually human? Will Sumiko betray Jaken and Dokuzen? Will we ever meet Harald’s mother-in-law and is she as bad as his jokes suggest?

I began writing this series right after finishing the 50 Stores In 30 Days tour for The Radiant Child. That was July 2010, so it almost three years later that I wrote those magical words: The End.

The series has changed along the way; the characters have taken it down some strange pathways that I hadn’t planned for. But that is part of the fun of writing!

I am nearly ready to begin another journey into another series. I hope you can come along for the ride but, far more than that, I hope you enjoy finishing the Empire Of Bones journey as much as I have.

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