Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Day Tuesday

So, Wall Of Spears is finished – who knew writing and polishing a 180,000 word novel would take so long!

The fact I wrote it out to 200,000 and then had to pull it back, didn’t help much, I have to admit.

Anyway, I can take a breath and look up from the world of Forland, Vales and Dokuzen. I can again turn to my poor, neglected blog, which has suffered from a serious lack of attention for most of this year.

The good news is, I have now prepared a whole bunch of articles, which I shall be posting every Tuesday.

Why Tuesday, you might well ask.

Well, there is no good reason. In fact it is completely arbitrary. I could say it is because my working week starts on that day, so it gives me something other than work to look forward to. Or I could quote cheap pizza day, or half-price movies. Honestly, I might as well say it came to me in a dream or a strange green being from another planet told me to do it on that day. (I work with some strange people).

I’m doing it on Tuesday because. Just because.

So you can check back here each Tuesday, confident in the knowledge there will be something fresh, and not just a couple of tumbleweeds blowing across the screen, to the sound of one lonely cricket’s chirp.

Unless, that is, you feel greedy. Because I could just dump everything in the one hit and leave it to be digested, like some snake trying to sleep off an enormous meal.

I do hope everyone isn’t feeling as queasy as I am after that rather stretched analogy.

So, to summarise, keep checking back on Tuesday.

Or swamp me with demands for more, in which case I might post the lot. Or maybe just a post ruminating on today’s society and our demand for instant gratification …!

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