Monday, June 10, 2013

The Sunday Telegraph's Janet Hughes gave me this 4.5/5 star review in the weekend paper - Australia's biggest-selling paper!

THIS is the second book in talented fantasy writer Duncan Lay's Empire of Bones trilogy. Bridge Of Swords, the first in the series, ended in a breath-taking cliffhanger and the action picks up almost exactly where it left off.
Led by the reluctant elf-in-exile, Sendatsu, the supposedly magic-less humans struggle to find a way to defend the country they love from their invaders.
In this volume, both the humans and the elves begin to discover that past events are not what they have been led to believe. As the humans search for a way to defend their country, events back in the Sendatsu's Dokuzen continue to unravel.
With multi-layered plots and multifaceted characters, Valley Of Shields is an action-packed, entertaining read.

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