Monday, August 19, 2013

Back page blurb for Wall Of Spears

Now this may not be the absolutely finished version but HarperCollins said they loved it, so I think it'll be pretty close!
Please, let me know what you think:

It is time to decide who will rule the lands and control the magic. Will it be Forland, with its lust for bloody conquest. Will it be Dokuzen, with its dreams of a slave empire, or will it be Vales, armed only with Rhiannon and her magic - and the truth about why the rulers of Dokuzen claim to be elves.

Into this mix comes Sendatsu. Rejected by his true love, hated by his father, hunted by his former best friend, he now burns with the desire to build a better world for his children.

Betrayal follows lies follows more betrayal as the true power behind the vicious struggle is revealed. The fate of all the lands rests on a sword's edge...

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