Monday, August 19, 2013

A cheeky Wall Of Spears spoiler ... or is it?

Here's a little puzzler for you ... one of these three scenarios DOES happen in Wall Of Spears.
Can you guess which one?
And which one would you most want to see?
All of them are possible, all are plausible - but only one actually happens.
Sadly, don't expect me to give any honest answers on this one, because you'll just have to wait until February, when Wall Of Spears is out, to find out for sure!

1) Asami vs Rhiannon in a smack-down magic fight
2) Sendatsu vs Gaibun in a no-holds-barred sword fight
3) Retsu vs Jaken in a bloody fight to the death

And there will definitely be no hints as to who wins any of these!

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