Thursday, July 19, 2012

Villains of Bridge Of Swords (Part Two)


The father of Rhiannon, was forced to leave King Ward’s court to avoid a scandal with a minor nobleman’s daughter. Before he could regain favour with the king, a virus robbed him of his singing voice and his hastily-married wife, leaving him to look after a baby.

Rhiannon was his only way back to the fame and riches of the court and he intended to use it. Having managed to get her into the court, then persuaded King Ward that he could not survive without Rhiannon as his mistress, he is horrified when she is stolen away by some scruffy bard.

Worse, the bard is a Velshman and is taking her north, into the middle of the King’s careful plan to bring the Velsh to heel. With a King’s Seal and a squad of guards, he hurries to rescue his daughter – and his last chance at fame and fortune.

He will stop at nothing to get her back … except risking his precious life.


One of King Ward’s carefully-selected soldiers, he has led a band of men north into Vales with order to rob, burn and terrify the Velsh until they will beg to come under Ward’s banner.

But when he runs into a mysterious traveller who kills several of his men, he puts aside thoughts of following the King’s orders to pursue his vengeance. For this traveller uses a strange bow, the likes of which have not been seen in 300 years and was thought to only come from fabled Dokuzen.

The King’s plan was for the Forlish to form small bands and travel around, plundering like bandits. But to get his revenge, Broyle is prepared to do anything, including forming his own private army. Especially when he meets a mysterious Forlishman who has both guards and a King’s Seal.


The personal officer of Lord Jaken, he was tasked to bring both Sendatsu and a secret scroll to his Clan Leader.

But when a pair of Magic-weavers became involved, everything went wrong, including losing most of his squad and seeing Sendatsu escape through the barrier into Vales.

His only chance of redemption from a furious Jaken is to take a pair of warriors and hunt down Sendatsu, kill any that are with him and return him to his father’s judgment.


The ruler of Dokuzen, head of a clan that has controlled every aspect of life for the last 300 years, he is determined to preserve the status quo.

He does not trust Jaken or Sumiko and is determined to stamp out dangerous ideas – such as the one Sendatsu has uncovered. With the Border Patrol, Council Guards and his own clans behind him, he will not hesitate to keep uncomfortable secrets buried.

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