Thursday, July 19, 2012

And the villains of Bridge Of Swords (Part One)


He knows the other lands have slid backwards into the mud since Dokuzen locked itself away from the world 300 years ago. His dream is to see a new golden age – and he will make it happen with fire and sword. Only united can the countries pool their knowledge and rise once more.

Brutal conquest and slavery are but the by-products of his glorious vision for the world.

His armies are the biggest, the best-trained and the best-armed and have never known defeat. Every country he has invaded have fallen to them.

His capital, Cridianton, is now a place of learning and culture, grace and art – albeit supported on the back of slavery. To show his people the glorious future that awaits them and to take their minds off the high taxes that will cost, he has the finest performers from across the country amuse and amaze in his court.

But while his armies rampage through the south, to his north are two growing problems.

He wants the Velsh mines and farms but not the expense of invasion, so plans to send bands of warriors north to plunder and terrorise the Velsh until they beg to come under his protection.

And he also has his eyes on Dokuzen and the treasures that await behind a magical barrier, for his health is slowly failing after 20 years on the throne and not even bedding the most beautiful young women from across the country can restore his youth …


Ruler of the Tadayoshi clan, he is determined to see his clan rise to control not just Dokuzen but the whole world. His son Sendatsu unwittingly provided him with proof that the barrier around Dokuzen was not put up to keep the barbarians out – but to protect them from the clans. With this knowledge allied to the power of Dokuzen, he knows he can fashion an empire.

Jaken tried to control Sendatsu but has now been forced to send warriors out into Vales to try and bring his errant son back, so he can control how and when revolution comes to Dokuzen. He also has a spy within the Magic-weaver ranks and plots to use them to overthrow Dokuzen’s ruler, Daichi, then take control himself.


Centuries ago, for reasons lost in the mists of time, the Magic-weavers rebelled against the rulers of Dokuzen but were broken and thrown outside society.

As guardians of the magical barrier that protects Dokuzen, they are vital to society but they exist on the outskirts, despised by the nobles and feared by the commoners, denied the respect and honour they deserve.

Sumiko’s life is devoted to restoring the Magic-weavers to power and ruling Dokuzen. To her, it does not matter which clan a person is from, only that they have magical powers. She knows the barrier around Dokuzen is fading, as the magic fades within Dokuzen and soon the clans will have to rejoin the world. Her plan is for it to happen under her control – and then for her control to spread across the other lands.

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