Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Radiant Child DVD extra

One of the struggles I had with The Radiant Child was fitting everything in! You might think a 180,000-word limit seems pretty generous but I found it pretty difficult to strike the right balance and kep everything in that were essential to the story.
For those who have read Radiant Child (and I would encourage anyone who hasn't read the book to finish to before going any further, as it both contains spoilers and requires a certain knowledge of the storyline), here is a short novella if you like that I was forced to cut.
It concerns Kesbury, the former Ralloran sergeant who helps Martil and eventually redeems his deeds at Bellic to become a priest of Aroaril.
I did want to show a different path to redemption, and explore a character I liked further but, after the first draft, it became very clear that I had to jettison quite a few sub-plots. This was one of them.
Bear in mind that you are reading a first draft quality - although some of these scenes made their way into the final draft, albeit considerably changed.
Anyway, I'd be interested to hear what you think ... does this add anything to the overall story or was it better indeed that it was cut!

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