Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big July - contrasts

I had a day off - at last!
It was lucky, because I had brought back a virus, or perhaps I was just exhausted. Either way, I spent most of Monday on the couch, trying to recover.
I seriously doubted if I could get out to Penrith Dymocks the following day and I started thinking about perhaps putting it off for a week. My voice was shot but, more importantly, I was exhausted. I had also picked up a cough - not good when you need to speak a great deal!
The welcome news that Radiant Child had hit number four on the Dymocks Bestseller list for fantasy perked me up but not as much as a tip from my brother-in-law, Bruce. He recommends putting Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet overnight - and it works!
I felt much better on Tuesday and ready to get out to Penrith.
I used to work out there so actually knowing roughly where you are going for once was quite the treat for me - and Penrith did not disappoint. More than 30 books sold and a great many wonderful people met along the way - it was a great session.
Next day was Borders Bondi, one of the glamour stores in the exclusive eastern suburbs. My family came down with me on the train; they were going to the beach while I hit the bookstore.
The staff at Borders Bondi were absolutely lovely - but the customers made an interesting contrast with Penrith.
Ask Sydneysiders - especially those living in the trendy suburbs - and 9/10 will tell you that they would rather sell books at Bondi than Penrith. Penrith, unfairly so, is seen as the home of `westies' and full of flanellette, not Faberge.
Yet I sold twice as many books at Penrith as I did at Bondi.
Some turned their noses up at fantasy, some were of the `ho-hum, yet another author' school and even the buyers only wanted book one, not the whole trilogy.
Perhaps they had spent so much on their mortgages that they actually had less disposable cash than their Penrith cousins ... who knew?
But I found it very interesting that it was far easier to talk to people (and sell) in the despised Penrith than the glamourous Bondi.
Make of that what you will!

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