Monday, July 5, 2010

The Big July - A Big Day

Saturday July 3 saw me zooming around the Central Coast, visiting Mandi at Book Bazaar in Umina and Kate at All Good Books Gosford, before watching my son play soccer (they lost 1-0) and then tackling A+R at Erina Fair.
Book Bazaar and All Good Books are not the biggest stores, nor are they in the busiest shopping centres but I really enjoy going there. The independents, more than anyone, work harder to bring people in and I sold 18 and 14 books respectively at the two stores, meeting some wonderful people along the way.
One lovely lady came in to buy Radiant Child for her grandson - this was the third time she had been into All Good Books at Gosford to get a book signed by me - the ONLY person to have come out three times!
I really like to support stores that have supported me and those two are just great.
A+R Erina is another store that has been a great supporter - in many ways they were the ones who started me on this big adventure, putting my details on the A+R intranet and basically booking me at a bunch of other stores. This was the fourth time I went there and it was a pleasure to sell for them again.
The day ended with a flurry as well, with two people buying the trilogy, both at the same time!
I also met a lovely bloke called Daniel, who had bought and read the first two - and was both surprised and delighted to find book three was out and he could get it!
Sunday saw me at Borders Rouse Hill, which is another great store, run by Aimee Green, who used to be the manager at Hornsby and I was pleased to be able to put in a huge day for her and her top team, selling 49 books to equal the record set by Borders Tuggerah!
They tell me authors are reluctant to go out to Rouse Hill but I don't know why - I met endless charming people, including a bunch who had come out specially to buy book three, including Facebook friend Alex Heydon - it's the second time I signed books for him and lovely to meet readers like Alex!
I posed for three photos and signed and gave away a stack of posters as well ... all in all it was an unreal day.
Monday saw me at Borders Chatswood and meeting the great staff there. Lucas, Jez, Nathan and the others were great - they even gave me a card and a box of chocolates to thank me afterwards. They also seemed quite impressed by my sales ability.
Proof of that came when I chatted to a young bloke about the book - only for him to admit he worked in the multimedia section and Jeremy had sent him down to talk to me and get some tips on sales manner!
It was another solid day, selling mostly Wounded Guardians but that's just fine with me - means they'll be back for the other two later!
So, just FIVE days into July and NINE days into my 30 days, I've already hand-sold 291 books ... well on the way to my target!

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  1. Hi Duncan- another fellow thespian from the old days here! Donna from the Campbelltown Theatre Group days. Glad to hear you've achieved those dreams. I'm going to read your trilogy now. All the best for your July Journey. Congratulations!