Monday, January 19, 2015

Have one of these five characters named after you in my next book

The Last Quarrrel Episode 1 is out on January 22, with each of the four subsequent episodes released a fortnight after the first.
Meanwhile I have almost finished the first draft of book two of the series, The Bloody Quarrel.
I have five characters who are currently nameless in this book.
Now, I could go online and grab some random names for them - or you could have your name given to one of them.
All you have to do is review one or more episodes of The Last Quarrel on one of the many sites available - or review it on all of them!
Send me the link, either through my website or via the email address on my blog and let me know which of the following characters you might be interested in having named after yourself.
I'm not looking for the most suck-worthy review but instead the more intelligent ones.
So, if you like the idea of playing a pivotal part in the next book in the series, get reading, get reviewing and let me know!
Here's the list:

1) Secret agent of the crown (female/male)
2) A Boluk-bashi (captain) of the Kotterman army (male)
3) A Courbaci (Colonel) of the Kottermna army (male)
4) A harbour lookout (male/female)
5) An angry mother (female)

You can also let me know if you're interested in having them die (pleasantly or unpleasantly) in the third book, The Poisoned Quarrel!
Over to you now...

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