Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Last Quarrel

Apologies for the delay in posting lately but I finally have some good news - I have signed contracts for the new series, The Last Quarrel, with Momentum, the online publishing arm of Pan Macmillan.
After months of uncertainty, I can't tell you what a relief it is to have a way forward again.
So what does that mean and how does it all work?
Let me take you through it ...
So, despite the success of my February-March tour for Wall Of Spears, HarperCollins Australia only offered me an eBook deal for my proposed new series.
After talking it over with my agent, we decided to instead speak to Pan Macmillan's eBook arm, Momentum, which has been achieving fantastic results with its eBook sales.
I'm delighted to say they will be taking on the new series and this will be a worldwide eBook release, not just Australia-NZ, as has been the case with the first two series.
Momentum also does things a little differently.
Instead of the book being released at $13 or $16 as an eBook, each of the new trilogy will be released in five parts, each of about 120 pages or 35,000 words.
So The Last Quarrel Part I will be out early next year (actual date to follow soon), then Part II will be out exactly a month later, Part III a month after that and so on and so forth. A month after Part V is released, you will be able to purchase the omnibus edition - the entire book as one.
As far as pricing goes, it will be much sharper than the previous pricing of my other two series.
Part I will be FREE and the subsequent parts will be a minimal cost, around the $1.99 mark, but will go up and down due to demand. You should be able to purchase the entire book for $10.
Momentum will also offer The Last Quarrel as print-on-demand. This may be available at the same time as the omnibus edition, or even earlier. And these are "bookstore quality" POD books as well, they don't look like self-published books.
Now, if the eBooks sell as well as we hope, then Pan Macmillan has the option of a full print run.
So who knows how that will go ...
One thing though - it will means the end of my grand tours, certainly in the short term. I may look to concentrate on conventions, or do some limited touring with print products - I am yet to decide.
But rest assured I'll be getting out and about somehow!
Anyway, that's the story and I do hope you will come along for the ride.
Next time, I need to tell you a little bit about the new series ...


  1. I read all 5 episodes and was absolutely hooked. When will the next subsequent episodes be released? Don't leave us hanging!!!!