Friday, March 14, 2014

Big week in Perth for Wall Of Spears

This week it was time to head west and hit Perth and surrounds in Western Australia.
This was my third trip to Perth and the longest as well - nine bookstores across three days.
And it was a fantastic trip, with more than 200 books sold across the three days, plus more than 100 extra signed and left at the various bookstores across the city.
Perth had been suffering with plenty of hot days and little rain and the first day showed that off, with a steamy 37 degrees of sunshine.
Luckily I was inside for all but the last of the three stores!
It kicked off at Dymocks Belmont, which is a fantastic store, made all the better in my opinion because all three of the staff there love fantasy and bought my books!
Next stop was specialist fantasy store Stefen's Books in the city, where there was quite the queue waiting for me.
This is a wonderful store if you like fantasy or sci-fi and it was great to see people like Kris and Garry who had come back for the second and even third time to get signed books from me, as well as some of the new friends I made like Crystal, who bought all six of the books.
One of the more hilarious moments was when one guy's three-year-old daughter wanted me to sign her Tarzan picture book, so it could be like the Wall Of Spears I signed for her dad!
Last stop for the day was Kaleido Books, above Perth train station, which I managed to sell out. One of the highlights was selling a book to Jesus (not the guy with the flowing hair and sandals, able to walk on water but pronounced Hey-zeus). This Spanish guy wanted to make sure he could read The Wounded Guardian, as English was his second language. One chapter later it was viva Espana!
I was staying at the Miss Maud Hotel in the city. Not the most glamourous but certainly possessing the best buffet breakfast in Australia. I've never had better. After eggs, bacon and sausages, followed by pancakes and maple syrup, then muffins or pastries with fresh fruit, I was able to work right through lunchtime selling books!
Day two kicked off at Joondalup and proved to be both successful and emotional.
I sold more than 30 books but had some interesting experiences as well.
First up I had an older lady tell me she doesn't read books - only pornos! That followed the old guy in Melbourne who gave me the same answer. What is it with our seniors these days? Have they gone all frisky?
Next up was an encounter with a bloke who gave me a curious reply.
`Do you read fantasy?' I asked him.
`No, only the Bible,' he replied.
A few comebacks about some of the more outlandish stories in the Bible did spring to mind but I held my tongue!
Bu the third encounter was the most emotional. I was chatting to a lovely lady when she noticed the name of the main characters.
`Rhiannon - that's my daughter's name! And Huw, that's my son's name, only he spells it Hugh!' she exclaimed as she read the back page.
Naturally I thought this is going to be a guaranteed sale - she'll buy it for them if not for herself. Then her face crumpled.
`My daughter died two years ago today,' she said.
Instantly I was horrified. `I'm so sorry,' I said, inadequately.
She walked away, visibly upset.
I couldn't talk to anyone for a couple of minutes as I had to compose myself as well. In all the encounters I have had with people, that was perhaps the most shocking.
Next up was Dymocks Morley, where I met an amazing group of people, including a mum and daughter whose husband and dad is a huge fan and they were delighted to get all six books signed.
Finally it was off to Garden City, a very affluent area where, strangely enough, most people didn't want the deal and instead just bought one book. Still, they'll be back!
One mum and daughter were delighted to see me - they were huge fans of the Dragon Sword Histories and then bought Empire Of Bones series. When they are so excited they are almost shaking as they pose for a photo, it is a special moment indeed for an author!
The last day was going to outlying suburbs - first up was Rockingham, which went fantastically well. I met a great assortment of fans both new and old before heading to Midlands and then Carousel.
I hit 209 books for the three days and was able to head to the airport absolutely knackered, with a voice going hoarse but feeling very happy at the very warm welcome I had in Perth!


  1. I had never heard of Duncan or his books until Wednesday when I met him at Kaleido,so glad I did, have just finished The Wounded Guardian fabulous book as good as any that feist or eddings have written so pleased I went back and bought the other two books in the series
    Liz from perth

    1. Have finished all three books and they didn't disappoint am now off to buy the next set . Will have to see you when you next come to perth and get you to sign them for me

  2. Dear Liz, thanks so much for taking the time to post your kind words! It was a pleasure to meet you and I am delighted you enjoyed the series so much! Thanks again, Duncan

  3. Miss Maud used to be a smorgasboard many many years ago!

  4. Duncan, nice to meet you at Stefan's books. I am halfway through the first book and have been really enjoying it, thanks for coming out to WA and sharing the love!

  5. Miss Maud is still a delicious smorgasbord! James, thank you for getting the first book and it was a pleasure to meet everyone in Perth!