Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Music to write to

I write on the train, so an iPod is an essential - even if the Quiet Carriages have helped reduce the number of inane conversations that threaten to drown the creative process in a sea of sludge.
In between edits on Wall Of Spears, I have started a new series ... which hopefully will see bookshelves in a year or two!
When I am writing, I do try to tap into certain songs to trigger emotions that, I feel, add a little more to writing.
So, here's a few songs I'm listening to and a few of the lyrics that are resonating with me right now.
As I have said before, that might not be the meaning the lyricist intended. That doesn't matter. What matters is how it makes YOU feel and what you get out of it.
Some of this will be coming out in the new series ...
Boy And Bear - Southern Sun:
``You see, I'm not gonna wait until the ending,
cause I got the burning fire in there, in my soul''.
Linkin Park - Castle Of Glass:
``take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Teach em how to be whole again''.
Imagine Dragons - It's Time:
``Now don;t you understand
I'm never changing who I am''.
Plus there's Wasting My Time by Default, Tell Me How It Ends by Bernard Fanning and Trembling Hands by The Temper Trap.
Even if they're not affecting your writing, check them out anyway!

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