Monday, August 20, 2012

Great review of Bridge Of Swords!

Bridge of Swords (Empire of Bones, Book 1) by Duncan Lay
Harper Voyager
Review by Crisetta MacLeod

This story is rich in uneasy relationships. There are untrustworthy, manipulative and
bullying parents; there are lovers who deceive and are deceived; there are allies who work
together against common evils, yet do so with very differing agendas.
A long time before the story begins, the Elfaran withdrew behind a magic barrier; they have
neglected their magic over the generations, and those who have sought to preserve the
ancient skills are regarded with suspicion. A tyrant king and his minions rule Dokusen. The
wimpy, bullied heir-apparent is Sendatsu.  Although superb in combat skills, Sendatsu wants
only to look after his children when their mother dies. Outside Elfaran, beyond the barrier,
another tyrant ruler is seeking to absorb all settlements into his territory. The magic
barrier between these cultures is fading, and Sendatsu becomes an unwilling leader when he
is spirited out of Dokusen. The unlettered peoples of the outside towns have myths and
legends about the might of the elves, and their expectations of Sendatsu form the basis of
the story. Expectations, selfish motivations, and deceptions abound and you'll enjoy how
relationships and their pitfalls carry us through battles and plots. More please!

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