Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas signings

I've had a few stores ask me to come back out for a Christmas signing ... so if you want a book signed, feel free to bring it along and say hello!
Here's the dates:
Sunday December 5: A+R Kotara - from about 11.30am
Tuesday December 7: A+R Newcastle Mall
Sunday December 12: A+R Miranda Fair - from about 12pm
Thursday December 16: A+R Town Hall Square - from about 12pm
Sunday December 19: Borders Tuggerah - from about 1.30pm
I don't have any time off through December (I even have to work Christmas Day!) so have had to keep it a bit limited; just the stores that specifically asked me back for Christmas but I'd be happy to see anyone at any of those locations!


  1. I've run out of books for you to sign, haha.

    Sorry about not contacting you recently, school is still very pressuring and I'm actually doing NaNoWriMo right now (50000 words in 1 month, pretty fun really).

  2. Hi Max,
    How did you go with NanoWriMo? Obviously school must be a little less pressuring given it's the holidays!